5 things you need to know about Cataract and cataract surgery

Cataract is a clouding of the lens of your eyes. It will lead to a decrease in vision. Usually it progresses slowly and may affect one or both eyes. In this article you can find 10 most important things you should know about cataracts and cataract surgery.

1. Cataract is common

About 75% of adults over 65 years of age are having cataracts. And 20% of people within 45 to 65 age group are having cataract. So it is a common condition among people. In addition to that cataracts cause half of all cases of blindness and 33% of visual impairment worldwide.

2. Symptoms and signs of cataracts

Initially cataract has a little effect on your vision. By the time several symptoms will develop.

  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Halos around light
  • Trouble seen at night
  • Poor vision leads to trouble reading and driving

3. Causes of cataract

Most common cause of cataract is aging. Some children may have cataract from birth. It may be due to some genetic causes. But there are many other causes for cataracts.

  • Trauma or radiation exposure
  • Diabetes
  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

4. Diagnosis of cataracts

Simply it can be diagnosed by eye examination. Eye surgeons are doing some tests to diagnose cataract. And they categorize cataract into several types.

  • Nuclear sclerosis
  • Cortical cataracts
  • Posterior sub capsular cataracts

5. Best treatment – Cataract surgery

Cataract removal surgery is the best treatment option. Usually it is done at an outpatient surgery center. Ultrasound is used to break up the lens, which is then removed by suction before the surgeon inserts a new lens.

Before the procedure some anesthetic eye drops are used to numb your eyes and sedation is not required.

However, cataract surgery is not risky. Complications are minimum.

Finally, it is better to have treatments for cataract. Then you can prevent visual loss.

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