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Can the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spread via Sex

As we all know, new coronavirus is a virus causing respiratory tract infection. Corona virus can remain in your saliva and mucus longer time.

Can Sex Spread Coronavirus (COVID-19) ? It’s a broad question. I’ll explain it later. But it’s not the problem. Can the virus presents in your semen? The answer for that question is given by a research team from China. On Thursday (07-05-2020) they have reported results of their study in JAMA Open Network.

They have taken a total of 38 men at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital. All of them were confirmed cases of COVID-19. They have provided their semen samples in late January and early February. Six samples among them tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). Among those six men, four remained infected and two were recovering.

But it’s difficult to come to a conclusion. Because their sample size is small. There may be other contributory factors. However, we can have some idea regarding the study.

The same goes for vaginal secretions. But we still lack any data on it.

Researchers say they should do more studies. Because they have no idea how the coronavirus can replicate in male reproductive system and how long it may survive in semen.

Can Sex Spread Coronavirus (COVID-19) ?

Simple answer is ‘yes’. Because, anyone who is contacting an infected person can get the virus. But still no studies have proven it.

COVID-19 is present in respiratory secretions. So when a person with virus coughing or sneezing those secretions containing droplets comes to the environment. That’s how you can get the infection. So kissing or having oral sex with a person who is infected is somehow dangerous. Because of this reason some countries are discouraging people from greeting one another with a cheek kiss.

But if you know the health status of your partner it’s no longer a problem. Therefore it’s better to avoid sex if your partner is having flu-like symptoms, coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath.

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