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Going to have a surgery? Read this.

Having a surgery may be the most fearful situation in your life. According to studies about 234 million people are undergoing different kind of surgeries every year worldwide. But it is not that much of thing to be worried.

Within this article you can find common question asked by surgical patients, their friends, families and carers. Also there are different types of surgeries and patient information.

Things to consider before having surgery

You may have many questions before the surgery. This section will try to cover almost all of those questions.

From where can I get advises?

You may have fearful thoughts regarding your operation. But don’t worry. Always consult you doctor who are doing your operation. He is the best one to take advise. However, if you want to take second opinion consult another good surgeon. And tell him your problems clearly. He may help you.

I’m worried about having an anaesthetic.

This may be the problem of many people. It is natural to worry about the whole of an operation including the anaesthetic. The purpose of having an anaesthetic is to stop you feeling pain and other sensations. Otherwise you may feel a lot of pain during the surgery. But anaesthesia will stop it. Anaesthesia can be given in different ways and does not always make you unconscious. But if you are undergoing a major surgery it will make you unconscious.

Here are some ways of giving anaesthesia into your body.

Local anaesthesia involves numbing a small part of your body. You stay conscious but free from pain.

Regional anaesthesia involves injections that numb a larger or deeper part of the body. You stay conscious but free from pain.

General anaesthesia gives a state of controlled unconsciousness. It is essential for some operations. You are unconscious and feel nothing.

How long will I have to wait for my operation?

Actually it’s depend on the type of surgery. And also on your hospital. Your doctor may give you this information.

If you have to wait longer than the target time, or if your operation is cancelled and the hospital cannot offer an alternative date within a set time. Because most of time your hospital has longer operation list. it may be possible to receive treatment in a private hospital or abroad. So if you had a problem regarding this, discuss with your medical team.

I’ve been told it is more risky to have an operation if I smoke. Is this true?

If you are a long term smoker it has a problem. And it depends on the surgery. The reason for your surgery may be due to a bad outcome of smoking. Then the surgery is useless without stopping smoking. For example, imagine that you are undergoing a cardiac bypass surgery. But you are still smoking. As you know smoking is the major cause for many of heart diseases. If you don’t quit smoking your heart disease may reappear even after the surgery.

And also smoking causes poor function of your immune system. Therefore active smoking is a risk for your surgery. So try to stop smoking before the surgery.

Will I need a blood transfusion?

Most of the time blood loss is very low during surgery. So you may not need blood transfusion. But it is better to reserve some blood in case of an emergency. Your hospital will do that. If you are having any doubt contact your doctor.

If you having low blood cells in your body you may need blood transfusion. That’s why they are doing some blood tests before the surgery. It can detect your blood level.

May I have complications after surgery

Complications are usually common after surgery. But don’t worry they not serious. Surgery is a new experience for your body. So your body try to protect you without being harm. Therefore you may have minor complications like:

  • Mild pain
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite

But those will disappear spontaneously. Your doctors will take care of these complications.

Types of surgeries

There are various types of surgeries. Here are some answers for frequently asked questions.

What is emergency surgery and elective surgery?

In accidents or emergencies in many diseases you have to undergo emergency surgeries. There may be no any special preparations for the surgery. Doing as quicker as possible.

But in elective surgeries there is an operation list. You have to be waited in that list. And there are special preparations before surgery. So it is the most protective way.

Laparoscopic surgery and open surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is also known as keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery is done through very small incisions in a patient’s skin with the use of a fine tube with a light on the end (known as a fiber optic light source). The surgeon carries out the operation by using special instruments inserted through the tube. Keyhole surgery causes less pain and trauma for the patient than open surgery, and it is used for an increasing number of conditions. Now it is very popular.

Open surgery is the classical way of surgery. It is the most common type of surgery and characterized by the staples or stitches used to close the incision.

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is where a person chooses to have an operation or an invasive medical procedure It is done to change their physical appearance for cosmetic rather than medical reasons. There are many hospitals which offer this kind of surgeries.

So it is good to see people are searching about their questions regarding surgical problems. If you have any other questions comment section is always open.

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